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For each of these murals, I used acrylic paints on the finished walls.  I've done murals that cover one entire wall or part of the wall and murals that act as decor, hand-painted elements sprinkled over the walls of the room. SCROLL DOWN to view all.  Use arrows to SCROLL THROUGH a SLIDE SHOW of images. CLICK a painting for full image.

This series of murals are ones that I did that lend some atmosphere or vibe to that particular room.  The Wildflower Mural brought the outdoors in to a kitchen, the Salvucci Bath Mural warmed up a large space, the Andulsia Mural gave the room a Spanish feel, the Rogers Bubble Bath Mural put a pop of fun into the full bathroom.


The Carr Nursery depicts parent & child animal images. The Noah's Ark mural done in acrylics on the finished pale yellow walls of a nursery depicts the story of Noah's Ark on an 8" chair-rail-height border around the entire room.  As the story wraps around the room, there are three images of the ark:  1st as the animals are embarking, 2nd in the deluge on the rough waters, and 3rd on land with the animals disembarking.

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